November 11, 2017 8:45 am - 5:00 pm Provo County Convention Center

2017 Agency Based Education Conference

Join us Saturday, November 11th for the 2017 Agency Based Education conference to be held at the Provo County Convention Center. Seating is limited so please sign up today.

This year’s conference will follow a different format than past conferences. Speeches in the morning, and a panel and workshops in the afternoon.

Morning speakers

Ali Eisenach -The Freedom Principle- The Secret to Powerful Potential in Education

Adam Hailstone – Self-Directed Learning and Helping Your Children Own Their Education

JaKell Sullivan – The Battleground for Religious Liberty is in K-12 Assessments

Resha Bartlett – Taking Control and Feeling Confident in your Child’s Education

Afternoon Panel – Returning Education to Local Control;  Activist Lessons Learned

Participants include Alisa Ellis, Christel Swasey, JaKell Sullivan, and Oak Norton

Afternoon Concurrent Workshops:

  1. Is homeschooling right for me? How do I get started and feel confident my children will succeed? (Presented by Joyce Flinders, Ali Eisenach, and ______, this course will help you understand if homeschooling is the right option for you (or what other options are available to work with it), and what you need to do to get started.)
  2. Implementing Agency-Based Education (Presented by Neil Flinders. This workshop covers the proper teacher/learner relationship, purpose of curriculum, human development guidelines, and honoring agency and stewardship in learning and teaching. If you are an expert homeschooler, a teacher or administrator, this course is for you.)
  3. Want to set up your own private or charter school? Or start a home-school co-op? Come learn from those that have done it what you need to file and everything else you need to do to get set up to succeed. (Presented by Mark Cluff, Tiffany Mouritsen, and others)

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2017 ABE Conference

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