Conference Presentations

Oak Norton Oak Norton – Steps Toward Freedom (Click to watch this presentation)

Are we molding clay or nurturing seeds? One-size-fits-all education does not allow for genuine agency-based learning. Every child is different and without individualized learning of their own choosing, they will fail to reach their potential.

Ali Eisenach Ali Eisenach -The Freedom Principle- The Secret to Powerful Potential in Education (Click to watch this presentation)

Getting teens off the couch and onto greatness! There is a formula for success in education and the secret lies in the freedom principle. Discover how to inspire your children in self-mastery, creativity, life-long learning and entrepreneurship.Ali Cannon Eisenach is the great-great-great granddaughter of George Q. Cannon and is passionate about carrying on his vision for education in Zion.  Ali has been homeschooling her children for ten years and is currently teaching the senior class at Kimber Academy, in Cedar City, Utah.Ali is a self-taught food photographer and graphic designer and has printed and published over 10 recipe books. In 2016 Ali launched her publishing company– Millennial Standard Press and published A Meeting with the Principle- An Education to Usher in The Millennium. She is also the creator/editor of an LDS-based, educational children’s magazine called, The Millennial Instructor.

Adam Hailstone Adam Hailstone – Self-Directed Learning and Helping Your Children Own Their Education (Click to watch this presentation)

We have all heard the phrase, “teach them how to think, not what to think.” This phrase resonates with us because we want to raise children who are problem solvers and entrepreneurs that will create change. But how do we actually teach them to think? In this presentation, Adam Hailstone will teach you the three key principles of great thinking and help you transform the way you look at education.Adam is a thought leader and speaker in the education and leadership fields. He is currently serving as the CMO and Director of Leadership with Williamsburg Learning. He became passionate about education and leadership during college, when he was given an opportunity to travel with two professors and speak to audiences around the United States and Canada about obtaining a liberal arts education.After college, he started two small businesses. But over time it became apparent something was missing. He longed for the opportunity to once again help people obtain a greater education. Then, about 7 years ago, he sold one business and closed the other to help build Williamsburg Learning. Since then Williamsburg has grown by 10 times with students all over the world. He is married to Laura Hailstone and they have a 5 year old son named Emmett.

JaKell Sullivan – The Battleground for Religious Freedom is in K-12 Assessments (Click to watch this presentation)

JaKell is a founding member of Utahns Against Common Core, as well as two groups promoting family friendly education policy: Gathering Families and Return To Parental RightsPlease check out this previous presentation by JaKell.

Resha Bartlett – Claim Your Stewardship: Be the Confident Education Leader Your Child Needs. (Click to watch this presentation)

Which type of education is best for your child? How do you decide? How do you find the courage to take action on what you know is best? Come learn tips for deciding which education flavor is best for your child. Explore a tool for developing intuitive skills. Learn about principles that will help you and your children thrive in the educational experience. Claim your stewardship! Parents are education leaders; embrace that role. Choose confidence!Resha Bartlett has a passion for learning, especially discovering and internalizing true principles. She tries to live by the motto “learn something new every day.”  Resha graduated from Utah State University in 2004 with a Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education. She has experience teaching and substitute teaching in her local school district. Resha felt the call to step up and be involved in advocating for local control of education in 2014, which led her to the seat she now holds on the local school board. Resha’s current roles also include Wife and Mother (which are definitely her favorite). She wears the hat of Teacher in a homeschool group, where she loves to facilitate learning experiences for parents and students. Resha has an eye for seeing the gifts within each individual. With her passion for mentoring, she works to bring those gifts to light. She believes this world needs more people who dare to shine. Resha’s “soul food” includes:  journaling, scripture study and prayer, working with her horses, camping, playing the piano, reading with her four kids, deep conversations about true principles, family farming adventures, and time with her husband, Wes. Afternoon Panel – Returning Education to Local Control;

Panel Discussion: Returning Education to Local Control & Activist Lessons Learned

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Oak Norton

Oak Norton

Alisa Ellis

Alisa Ellis

JaKell Sullivan

JaKell Sullivan

Christel Swasey

Christel Swasey

Concurrent Workshops (Choose 1 of the 3 that most meets your immediate needs)

(Presenter details below.)

1) Is homeschooling right for me? How do I get started and feel confident my children will succeed?

This course will help you understand if homeschooling is the right option for you (or what other options are available to work with it), and what you need to do to get started.)

2) Implementing Agency-Based Education

This workshop covers the proper teacher/learner relationship, purpose of curriculum, human development guidelines, and honoring agency and stewardship in learning and teaching.

3) How to set up your own private or charter school, or start a home-school co-op

Want to lead out and create something for your family and others? Come learn from people who have done it how to create one of these entities and how to get your school off the ground.

Please Note: These 3 concurrent sessions will all be recorded so please attend the class that will be most meaningful for you at this time.

If you aren’t sure which session to attend:

I suggest if your children are in public school and you aren’t sure which to attend, go to the homeschooling session. You need to gain confidence that you can pull your children out and give them a better educational experience.

If you are an expert home schooler, a teacher, or administrator, this course is for you. Neil literally wrote the book on Agency-Based Education and the workshop he will provide to you will be extremely helpful for understanding the purpose of different curriculum and the development and relationship of agency and stewardship.

If you are ready to save your kids and others and feel the urge to understand how to set up a local school to better meet their needs, please attend this workshop where you will learn about the legal documents and startup advice for each of these types of entities.

Workshop Presenters

Homeschooling Workshop

(Click to watch this presentation)

Joyce Kinmont

Joyce Kinmont – The Kinmonts were pioneers in the homeschool movement, beginning in 1975. Joyce is the founder of the LDS Home Education Association and was Utah’s first home school mom.

Ali Eisenach

Ali Eisenach – bio above

Adam Hailstone

Adam Hailstone – bio above

Resha Bartlett

Resha Bartlett – bio above

Agency Based Education Workshop

(Click to watch this presentation)

Neil Flinders

 Neil is the author of numerous agency-based documents: e. g. Joseph Smith: America’s Greatest Educator (2014); Teach the Children: An Agency Approach to Education (1990); “A Restorationist Views the Modernist/Post-Modernist Debate” (Presidential Address, 1990) annual meeting of the Far Western Philosophy of Education Society; Moral Perspective and Educational Practice (1979). Emeritus CES and the BYU School of Education.


Starting a school/co-op

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Mark Cluff

Mark Cluff -Mark serves as Chairman of the BYU Advancement Council for Engineering and Technology (ACET).  He is looking to start a private school based on the Sudbury Valley School model. Mark has served as the Vice Chair of the Utah State Board of Education, Chairman of the State Board Finance Committee, Western Director for the National Association of State Boards of Education, Chairman of the Utah Association of Public Charter Schools, and Vice Chair of the Utah County Republican Party. His education is in Engineering Technology, Manufacturing, Computer Science, and Business from Brigham Young University. He is a retired software executive having started, grown, and sold his international software company. He enjoys reading about History, Education, and Religion.

Jill Thompson

Jill Thompson – Jill and her husband Jason reside in Layton with their four children. Jill earned a BS degree from Weber State University in Business Administration. She has worked at Challenger School as a teacher, for the LDS Church in the areas of finance and accounting, and for Franklin Templeton Bank & Trust as a Cash Management Accountant. In 2003 she embarked on her greatest journey in life to become a mother and has been a stay-at-home mother to her four children until founding Liberty Hills Academy in 2014. She is now a full-time, stay-with-her-children mother and Principal of Liberty Hills Academy.

Karmel Larson

Karmel Larson – Karmel founded Family Leadership Academy and Zion Youth Academy, two commonwealth educational organizations. She also founded Liberty Rock School, a hybrid school for homeschooling families using the American Heritage School Family School curriculum. She also served as President of American Mothers, Inc. of Utah Valley; Director of Parents Television Council of Utah; County Director for Women for Decency; and Liaison for Citizens for Families. In 2007, she was selected as the Utah Valley Young Mother of the Year, and in 2009 she served as Mrs. Utah United States.

Busch Jones

Busch Jones – Busch Jones, husband and father of three, is a founding board member and the current board chair for Leadership Academy of Utah, a newly opened, fully online public charter school covering the entire state of Utah.  He and his wife, Annette, homeschooled their children during their early years and then were privileged to have them experience Williamsburg Academy as they moved into their young adult years.  It was this experience with Williamsburg that inspired Busch to step up to the challenge and assist with the opening of a charter school that would bring this great curriculum and learning culture to more Utah families.