Claim Your Stewardship: Be the Confident Education Leader Your Child Needs by Resha Bartlett

Which type of education is best for your child? How do you decide? How do you find the courage to take action on what you know is best? Come learn tips for deciding which education flavor is best for your child. Explore a tool for developing intuitive skills. Learn about principles that will help you and your children thrive in the educational experience. Claim your stewardship! Parents are education leaders; embrace that role. Choose confidence! Resha Bartlett has a passion for learning, especially discovering and internalizing true principles. She tries to live by the motto “learn something new every day.” Resha graduated from Utah State University in 2004 with a Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education. She has experience teaching and substitute teaching in her local school district. Resha felt the call to step up and be involved in advocating for local control of education in 2014, which led her to the seat she now holds on the local school board. Resha’s current roles also include Wife and Mother (which are definitely her favorite). She wears the hat of Teacher in a homeschool group, where she loves to facilitate learning experiences for parents and students. Resha has an eye for seeing the gifts within each individual. With her passion for mentoring, she works to bring those gifts to light. She believes this world needs more people who dare to shine. Resha’s “soul food” includes: journaling, scripture study and prayer, working with her horses, camping, playing the piano, reading with her four kids, deep conversations about true principles, family farming adventures, and time with her husband, Wes.

About The Author

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