In this presentation from our 2017 conference, JaKell Sullivan talks about comprehensive sexual education and the agenda of the educational power brokers. Please also check out JaKell’s previous presentation on the complete restructuring of American education and why it’s happening.

The slide at 5:14 should have an 8th bullet point “History & Citizenship”.


The Battleground for Religious Freedom is in K-12 Assessments by JaKell Sullivan

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  • brackenkaren

    I didn’t think you could get any better than the last presentation you did but you blew this agenda out of the park. BUT how do we stop this? Can we stop it? Are we too late? I truly believe the only chance we have is if we could convince 25-30% of parents to get their kids out of the system. Time is getting short and I fear we are moving very close to the point of no return. HR4174 has made the data collecting (they have been collecting illegally for year) is now out in the open and when S2046 is passed it will be a done deal. We must stop S2046 from getting passed and if it does we need to get President Trump to VETO this legislation. Time for parents to stand up and STARVE THE BEAST.

  • Roger Yaste

    Education in America from kindergarten through Ph.D. has been propagandized and manipulated to produce non thinking voters programmed to view socialism in a favorable light.

    That has been the left’s plan since the 1880s and 1890s. Look up John Dewey, he spelled out the left’s intention of dumbing down the citizens because informed citizens would not buy into their socialist utopia.

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