There are a number of very useful resources and websites that provide information to help you make informed choices about your children’s education.

Neil Flinders has graciously agreed to allow me to post many of the documents he has produced. More will be added but here are some great documents.

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For the 2014 Conference

10 Observations Regarding American Education

A Restorationist Views the Modernist-Postmodernist Debate

Values, Morality, and Religion in the School

The Emergence of Custodialism

Other Articles by Neil

Moral Perspective and Educational Practice was published in 1979 as an introduction to an educational model that is moral and value driven and freedom based. It is an excellent primer to the subject matter. (29 pages)

Creating a Moral School is a draft document prepared in 1995 that was never published. It goes into much greater detail on creating moral schools driven by the principles of agency. (118 pages)

Agency Education – The Birthplace of Freedom and Liberty is a document Neil wrote for a project some time ago that got cancelled in the end. Those interested in agency education will find this 22 page paper very interesting.

Utah Schools at a Glance allows parents to rank schools according to academics or environment. It also provides information on public, private and home schooling, as well as innovations in education.


Utah Education Facts has data on school options and programs, performance, spending, test scores, and many other resources. This particular page has information on all the different education options available in Utah from public to private, special needs to advanced placement, virtual, concurrent and dual enrollment, and so on. It’s a great website and this particular page can help parents make informed decisions about the educational experience that will best serve their child’s needs.


School Digger provides test scores, rankings, district boundaries, student/teacher ratios, ethnic makeup, and scores of other useful metrics and information for elementary, middle, and high schools in the United States. Try looking up your address and see all the schools in your area.


Harvard meta-analysis revealing the importance of parental involvement in education.


Is there another useful website you know of that would fit well with these? Please post it below.

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