Saturday, October 26th, 2019, Agency Based Education conference held at Liberty Hills Academy in Bountiful, Utah.

Oak Norton – Educational Risk Tolerance in the 21st Century

Oak Norton

Have you struggled to feel confident in exploring education options for your children? Have you wondered what might happen to them if you took a risk and tried something that might not work out like you expect? Every child is unique and deserves your best efforts at educating them according to their own needs. Yet how can you feel confident that you’re not damaging them for life?

Oak Norton is a long-time education advocate. He currently serves as the director of Agency-Based Education and lives in Highland, UT with his wife and 5 children.

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Kirk Duncan – Emotional Management

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Thought and emotional management are spiraling out of control. Anxiety, depression, and hopelessness are on the rise. This generation will get better traction when they learn how to activate and gain control of the inner function of their visualization and language powers. The inner workings of their thoughts and feelings influence their decision-making and ultimately determine their progress in life. Without the management of the inner self, a person will slip into feeling lifeless.

Kirk Duncan is President and Founder of 3 Key Elements. His mission is to empower humanity with life skills that improve their opportunities to live their full potential. Presentation skills, mentoring techniques, relationship building, and personal development can and will make a major impact in one’s life.  For 12 years, Kirk has been empowering live audiences of 200-1000 people at his own multi-day events, held 16 times yearly. Both Kirk & his wife Kim live their mission each day as they serve their audiences, students, and clients as exceptional presenters & inspiring mentors.

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Connor Boyack – Skip College: Helping Your Child Launch Their Career Without Debt, Distractions, or a Degree

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Tens of millions of Americans owe a combined $1.5 trillion in debt for student loans. Much of this staggering expense has been unnecessary; attending college is more of a tradition — a cultural rite of passage — than a necessary step towards a successful career, justifying its steep cost.

As countless entrepreneurs and creative hustlers have shown, there is a path to success outside the institutions of so-called higher learning. Let’s explore how that looks today.

Connor Boyack is president of Libertas Institute, a free market think tank in Utah. In that capacity he has spearheaded dozens of significant policy reforms across a wide range of issues, including criminal justice, medical cannabis, property rights, government transparency, economic freedom, and more. He is a homeschooling dad and is also the author of 17 books, including the acclaimed Tuttle Twins children’s books that have sold over half a million copies.

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Vince Newmeyer – Science Theories are not Science facts

Vince Newmeyer

Modern science has made our lives more productive, more convenient, more intellectually fulfilled. But certain scientific theories concerning our origins are being promoted as science fact, and are at odds with  traditional values, causing serious harm to the rising generation. When we consider the full breadth of scientific evidence, theories once said to be “as well supported by data as gravity and the theory of relativity,” are clearly fundamentally challenged by the data, leaving a void that powerfully points to intelligent design instead of Darwinian evolutionary change.

Vincent Newmeyer took an intense interest in evolutionary thought and the challenges to it in 1998 and has studied it deeply since that time. As a result of his research, and the disconnect with the facts as he saw them, he started “The Catalyst Group” to bring to light the science that has been ignored and all too often eschewed. Vince sat on the Utah State science standard’s review committee and voiced his opposition to the 6-8 grade standards as they pushed a biased view of certain evolutionary paradigms. The standards were unfortunately adopted by our State Board of Education.  He also sat on the K-5 & 9-12 standard’s review committee and is now leading the opposition to the materialist dogma they push.

Vince started the website to help that effort as it relates to public schools, the website, and the YouTube Channels “LDS Science Elevated” and “Science Elevated.” These sites are designed to help parents with children in the home, home schools, private schools, and for others curious about this topic.

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Tiffany Mouritsen Hess – The Critical need for Character Education 

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David O. McKay wrote that character is the aim of true education. Will the current social-justice based character education of the public schools furnish our children with the moral courage to preserve their God-granted rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness? How would real character education bless your child?

Tiffany Mouritsen Hess is a co-founder and assistant principal of Liberty Hills Academy, a wholly private, LDS faith-based, k-12 school in Bountiful, Utah. Tiffany has been active in education policy and advocacy for over 8 years seeking to secure and defend parental rights. Tiffany graduated from BYU with a degree in English Literature. She is the wife of Craig Hess and mother of two lovely daughters. She loves the gospel, reading beautiful language, and teaching at Liberty Hills Academy. She enjoys painting and has sold her artwork all over the world.  

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