David O. McKay wrote that character is the aim of true education. Will the current social-justice based character education of the public schools furnish our children with the moral courage to preserve their God-granted rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness? How would real character education bless your child?

Tiffany Mouritsen Hess is a co-founder and assistant principal of Liberty Hills Academy, a wholly private, LDS faith-based, k-12 school in Bountiful, Utah. Tiffany has been active in education policy and advocacy for over 8 years seeking to secure and defend parental rights. Tiffany graduated from BYU with a degree in English Literature. She is the wife of Craig Hess and mother of two lovely daughters. She loves the gospel, reading beautiful language, and teaching at Liberty Hills Academy. She enjoys painting and has sold her artwork all over the world.  

The Critical need for Character Education – Tiffany Mouritsen Hess

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