Modern science has made our lives more productive, more convenient, more intellectually fulfilled. But certain scientific theories concerning our origins are being promoted as science fact, and are at odds with traditional values, causing serious harm to the rising generation. When we consider the full breadth of scientific evidence, theories once said to be “as well supported by data as gravity and the theory of relativity,” are clearly fundamentally challenged by the data, leaving a void that powerfully points to intelligent design instead of Darwinian evolutionary change.

Vincent Newmeyer took an intense interest in evolutionary thought and the challenges to it in 1998 and has studied it deeply since that time. As a result of his research, and the disconnect with the facts as he saw them, he started “The Catalyst Group” to bring to light the science that has been ignored and all too often eschewed. Vince sat on the Utah State science standard’s review committee and voiced his opposition to the 6-8 grade standards as they pushed a biased view of certain evolutionary paradigms. The standards were unfortunately adopted by our State Board of Education.  He also sat on the K-5 & 9-12 standard’s review committee and is now leading the opposition to the materialist dogma they push.

Vince started the website to help that effort as it relates to public schools, the website, and the YouTube Channels “LDS Science Elevated” and “Science Elevated.” These sites are designed to help parents with children in the home, home schools, private schools, and for others curious about this topic.

Science Theories Are Not Science Facts – Vince Newmeyer

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