Troy believes that the church can no longer shrink away from government or any of the spheres  that influence our culture. His political philosophy “Voting With  A Kingdom Mindset” His goal is to inspire and activate Christians, to use the power of  effectual fervent prayer, the powers of the vote, to promote honest and upright leaders: making sound decisions that promote Godly values in government. By so doing, ensuring God’s blessings and security for generations to come.

Bio: Troy Towns , an ordained minister with a specific calling to the governmental and educational mountains. He is a Pastor at Rivers Edge Church, in Montgomery AL. Troy is the former State Vice Chairman of Alabama Republican Party. Prior to his service as Vice Chairman, he was  the Director of Minority Outreach and Engagement. Troy is also a motivational speaker and political activist.  He has spoken at various churches, civic groups and political events. Troy’s personal passion is for The Body of Christ to be bold, active, and relevant, so that it can effectively influence society. Troy has been married 23 years to his wife Dianne and has four awesome children:  Briana (27), Philip (24), Celina (21) and Jasmyne (19).

Take Action with Hope Ink – Troy Towns

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