Thought and emotional management are spiraling out of control. Anxiety, depression, and hopelessness are on the rise. This generation will get better traction when they learn how to activate and gain control of the inner function of their visualization and language powers. The inner workings of their thoughts and feelings influence their decision-making and ultimately determine their progress in life. Without the management of the inner self, a person will slip into feeling lifeless.

This is not the social-emotional learning (SEL) that is being pushed in schools. SEL involves tracking data on students and a loss of privacy. This is a personal, private method, for getting emotions out so individuals can eliminate the negative and move forward with life.

Kirk Duncan is President and Founder of 3 Key Elements. His mission is to empower humanity with life skills that improve their opportunities to live their full potential. Presentation skills, mentoring techniques, relationship building, and personal development can and will make a major impact in one’s life.  For 12 years, Kirk has been empowering live audiences of 200-1000 people at his own multi-day events, held 16 times yearly. Both Kirk & his wife Kim live their mission each day as they serve their audiences, students, and clients as exceptional presenters & inspiring mentors.

Emotional Management – Kirk Duncan

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