2017 Neil Flinders BYU Presentation

Neil Flinders BYU Education WeekNeil Flinders is speaking at BYU’s Education Week August 22-25th, 2017. If you attend the conference, you can see Neil’s presentations about teaching with context, but if you aren’t able to go, here are his Powerpoint slides from the 4 days of his presentation, with an outline of what’s in store if you go.

Protect and Nurture this Generation: Learn and Teach Context, a Key to Sharing Gospel Doctrines, Principles and Practices

Day 1-T-The Garden of Eden Story: A Key to Family, Values, Morality, and Character

Day 2W-The Progression of Belief and Faith—Pathways that Lead to the Telestial, Terrestrial, and Celestial Kingdoms

Day 3Th-Truth and Light: Gaining a Testimony and Being a Witness at Home, at Church, and to the World

Day 4F-How Our Premortal, Mortal, and Postmortal Families Help Us Prepare for the Savior’s Millennial Reign

If you want to see his presentation from 2016, click here.

2017 Neil Flinders BYU Presentation

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