Neil Flinders – BYU Education Week

Neil Flinders, author of “Teach the Children: An Agency Approach to Education” and “Joseph Smith: America’s Greatest Educator,” presented a series of 4 lectures at the 2016 BYU Education Week event. Below are his slide presentations in an extended format to facilitate those that weren’t able to attend the lectures, in order to better explain his thoughts on the subject matter.

Overall Topic Title
Education creates or destroys all social orders: Between individuals and within families, cultures, & nations.

Tuesday – 2016 BYU Ed Week 1st Hour Presentation-Neil Flinders
The Revealed Role for both Education & Schooling: Joseph Smith’s and Elijah’s Foundational Missions

Wednesday – 2016 BYU Ed Week 2nd Hour Presentation-Neil Flinders
How and When American Education Changed: Rise of the Secular Society & Meeting its Challenges

Thursday – 2016 BYU Ed Week 3rd Hour Presentation-Neil Flinders
Education, Religious Freedom, and Institutional Liberty: Apostolic Counsel Regarding the Current Legal Crises

Friday – 2016 BYU Ed Week 4th Hour Presentation-Neil Flinders
A Millennial Movement: Education in the 21st Century: Agency-based Education, Key to Protecting Families

On Tuesday, Neil started his presentation with a song and he has graciously decided to publish it here for anyone to access.

Neil Flinders – Teach My Child Lyrics w Borders
Neil Flinders – Teach My Child-A
Neil Flinders – Teach My Child-C-Duet
Neil Flinders – Teach My Child-Lead Sheet in A
Neil Flinders – Teach My Child-Lead Sheet in C

Neil Flinders – BYU Education Week

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