Connor Boyack on Passion-Based Education

Concerned parents constantly find themselves on the hunt for good curriculum to teach their children. Many struggle to give their children an educational roadmap, and in the process end up requiring their children to learn information simply because it’s included in the curriculum.

Should faceless curriculum creators dictate what your child learns, and when? Or is there a better way?

Join homeschooling dad, bestselling author, and public policy expert Connor Boyack as he explains the theory of passion-driven education, and some compelling examples of how it works. More importantly, you’ll learn simple, practical tips for helping your children discover their interests and acquire both general and specialized knowledge as they pursue those interests.

Education should be fun! As parents who choose to be active in our children’s education, we should¬†never¬†hear the question “Why do I have to learn this?” from them. Come learn how passion-driven education solves that problem, and can enable your child to truly love learning.


Connor Boyack on Passion-Based Education

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