The Myth of School: Why our paradigm of education results in kids tuning out, turning off, and how it creates a toxic learning environment

What is the key element that will help students to engage in their education in a powerful way? How is the current education environment failing to produce the type of education that is needed to solve the problems of the future? How is “school” itself getting in the way of quality education? The Myth of School is something that most have bought into at some level. When we stop assuming and truly seek to understand what is best in education, there are some startling realizations that everyone should consider.

Stevan Barfuss is a mentor at Paradigm High School, a successful charter school dedicated to providing a world class liberal arts leadership education. Stevan has ten years of experience in education in several different settings. He has had a broad and varied education experience himself, receiving his degree in English at Cal State Fullerton, and spending several years at George Wythe College in Cedar City, Utah. He has a passion for writing,  and is currently working on several writing projects. He resides in Copperton, Utah with his wife and partner, Dr. Gina Barfuss, and their six children.  When he is not teaching, writing, or being a Dad, Stevan likes to be in the outdoors, or playing music on the banjo and guitar.


Steven Barfuss on The Myth of School

| 2015 Conference | 2 Comments
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  • Kathryn

    The revolution is here! This is an important message and matches what is absolutely possible.. it is HAPPENING out side government or corporate funded schools. We are reconnecting education to faith, family, and true purpose.

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