Mary Biesinger spoke at our conference on mentoring your children in their life missions. Her presentation slides are below the video.

Description: From the time I knew God wanted me to homeschool my children, I felt the weight of seeking principles that would help me individualize their education in a way that would help them discover their unique strengths as well as prepare them for their life’s missions.  Looking back, I realize that it is the responsibility of every parent to do so, whatever the educational track of their children.  Faced with the diversity in our children, the task can be daunting but there are principles and practices that, when applied, open our children’s minds to their potential and motivate them to achieve it.   I have used these principles in my own life, my home and in groups I have mentored and seen amazing fruits.

Bio: Mary Biesinger is the homeschooling mother of nine children. She has been “mentoring” groups her whole life: from her time as the leader of the outdoor games as a child, through church responsibilities growing up, to her current homeschooling mentoring responsibilities–some with more success than others! She has mentored nine different scholastic-type groups–“child” to “adult”– since she began homeschooling in 1993; among her current ones are including Knights of Freedom, Kaysville Acting Troup, and Vanguard Youth.


Mary Biesinger Powerpoint PDF

Mary Biesinger on Mentoring your Child in their Life Missions

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