Rachel & Ellie Benson spoke at our 2014 conference on how to customize your public education experience and get an associates degree while in high school. Their powerpoint slides are below the video.

Description & Bio: Homemaker, Wife, Mother of 6 public schooled children. As a mother I have always believed that the primary responsibility for the education of children rests with the parents. However, I have found that to direct my children’s education, I have needed to take a very active roll in choosing teachers and classes, and exploring educational options to make the most of the many opportunities available within the public school system. We as tax payers are the “consumers” of public education, and as such should seek out the best “products” on the market for our children. Starting with my oldest child’s first year of high school, I began to learn about several different avenues to getting a high school diploma. By the time my 3rd child graduated, I had learned what was needed for my children to graduate with an Associates Degree at the same time they graduate high school. The time and money savings of graduating high school with the first two years of college already done are astronomical, and give students the opportunity to get a graduate degree in the same time their peers will be getting a Bachelor’s Degree. For students that accomplish this, the state of Utah currently offers a scholarship that pays approximately half of the next two years tuition, potentially cutting college costs by as much as 60%. All of this can be done with or without AP classes, and (most likely) at their regular high school. During my presentation, I will present the best way I have found of getting an Associate’s Degree in high school. I will be accompanied by my daughter who recently graduated from UVU and Provo High School. She will be available to answer questions about her experience, and give insight about how to help and support your children as they work to accomplish this goal.

Rachel & Ellie Benson Powerpoint PDF


Rachel & Ellie Benson on Customizing Public School

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