Jeremy Tate, founder of Classical Learning Initiatives, agreed¬†to do an interview with me about the new CLT exam. The company will turn one year old in December and already it’s been adopted by 25 colleges as a valid entrance exam. In our interview we talk about the difference between the CLT and the ACT/SAT exams which it competes with. Whereas the ACT and SAT have become aligned to Common Core and measure graduation knowledge, the CLT exam instead measures college aptitude, something the other tests used to do. We discussed what needs to happen for colleges like BYU and others to adopt the CLT and provide homeschoolers with a test they can relate to instead of the ACT/SAT tests, what David Coleman the College Board President said about these exams he’s modified, a bit about the upcoming PCLT for middle to high school use, and much more. ¬†Watch the video, or listen to the podcast audio. I apologize for the less than perfect sound quality. I’ll try to get it better next time…

Interview with Jeremy Tate of the CLT Exam

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