This is a follow up podcast interview I did with Kathryn Spencer after her 2016 ABE conference presentation. There were a lot of questions people had about this school model and her presentation at the conference mostly addressed the character building aspects of the school so that anyone including homeschoolers could see the foundational traits they were seeking to instill in children. This podcast is more of the nuts and bolts of the school, and addresses questions like how she developed the model for the school; how the school functions each day; how children progress through the four stages/classrooms of growth; how children acclimate to this very different school model coming from public school; logistics of operations; how are teachers hired and what is their background; how can parents start a school like this in their area; how parents choose curriculum for their children; and many more questions.

The American Family Education model of school is a fascinating model. It respects the agency and stewardship of parents, the agency and development of children, and establishes the teacher as a true support to these agencies, by design, directing the children to consult with parents about important things in their education. Please enjoy this podcast listening to the video version above or through this audio widget. Please subscribe to our podcasts here:

If you have questions about this school model, please post them below and I will invite Kathryn to answer your questions. To obtain more information about her school, please visit

Interview with Kathryn Spencer on the American Family Education Model

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