What changes are we going through as a society that deal with data, data collection, and government control? What do we base on decisions on individually and as a society and what ramifications do they have?

Bio: Adam is a thought leader and speaker in the education and leadership fields. He is currently serving as the CMO and Director of Leadership with Williamsburg Learning. He became passionate about education and leadership during college, when he was given an opportunity to travel with two professors and speak to audiences around the United States and Canada about obtaining a liberal arts education.After college, he started two small businesses. But over time it became apparent something was missing. He longed for the opportunity to once again help people obtain a greater education. Then, about 7 years ago, he sold one business and closed the other to help build Williamsburg Learning. Since then Williamsburg has grown by 10 times with students all over the world. He is married to Laura Hailstone and they have a 5 year old son named Emmett.

The New Religion of Dataism – Adam Hailstone

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