Josh Daniels spoke at our 2016 Agency-Based Education conference on the topic of Criminalizing Absence, the Injustice of Compulsory Education and Truancy Laws. This is one of the critical issues of our time.

As babies and young children, we are largely dependent on someone else for our life and sustenance. When children grow from youth to adult, they are being prepared for independent life. As we grow to adulthood, we must become more independent of the actions of others and take more upon ourselves.

Compulsory Education is Harmful

Forcing children through compulsory education laws to endure a process of schooling that is put upon them by society “for society’s good,” is immoral and psychologically harmful. There truly is no such thing as compulsory education, only compulsory schooling. One cannot compel others to be educated, we can only compel seat time through governmental force.

Who benefits from this action?

Is that morally, the right action? Some would argue it is. But are they justified?

Is the cost of creating a compliant citizen who has been raised in the use of governmental force to bring about “a good” upon others really the outcome we are looking for in society? Will those children not in turn grow up to believe in the use of governmental power as a tool to be wielded to bring about “their goods” instead of a servant to protect natural rights? The gross abuse of power in legislatures across the nation should provide a clue to this answer.

Please watch Josh’s presentation and leave your thoughts in the comment section below.

Please also watch this 6 minute video.

Criminalizing Absence: The Injustice of Compulsory Education/Truancy Laws

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