Issues with Competency Based Education

Promoted as a way to leverage technology so students can move at their own pace and enjoy a more personalized education, competency based education sounds like a trend that should be compatible with Agency-Based Education. In the context of nationally aligned standards, assessments and data profiling however, the hype of an individualized education masks the reality of students enduring the most homogenous, micro-managed education experience yet. Can we recognize the difference between customizing experiences to fit the student and customizing students to fit the outcomes of competency based education’s central planners?

Alyson Williams is a mother of five and an education policy parent activist. With a career background in data management for cross-media publishing and a Bachelor of Science in Education from Brigham Young University, Alyson takes a particular interest in the potential and the pitfalls of the increasing role of technology in education.

Alyson Williams on Competency Based Education

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  • Kathryn Spencer

    Thank you so much Alyson! This information is so important and you were inspired in your delivery! I’m so excited to have those who missed this fantastic conference get a chance to hear this!!! Thank you Oak for a fantastic event and organization!

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