The strongest leverage point in the education of our youth is to build up their parents! Education systems that attempt to “overcome” the influence of the family are common place and detrimental to society! The family unit is taking a beating on all sides. It’s time to not only “Defend the Family” but to educate and build up the family unit to be stronger and more unified.  The current and future generations deserve an education system that both honors parents and inspires students to live a purposeful life. It is not only possible to have an organized community working together to educate our families, it is vastly more fun and efficient!

Kathryn Spencer, founder of the American Family Education school model, speaks about why parents would want to have their children involved in this new school model which has a strong emphasis on parental involvement, and character based education. This model was started in Arizona but is growing. There is a school being set up in Sandy, Utah which will be the first in Utah. Subscribe to our site newsletter to keep informed on it’s progress.

Kathryn Spencer on American Family Education School Model

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